1. Language and General Studies Center Management Audit.

  2. One-Off Expenditure Management Audit Four (4) Responsibility Centers.

  3. UPSI Holdings Sdn Bhd Training and Hospitality Management Management Audit.

  4. UPSI Campus Development Project Management Audit in Teluk Intan.

  5. Program and Activity Management Audit, Shahsiah Development Division, Department of Student Affairs.

  6. Procurement Management Audit Under RM20,000.00 Phase I.

  7. Follow-up Audit of the Review of the Sultan Idris University of Education (UPSI) Student Dormitory Construction Project Funded by Private Finance Initiative (PFI).

  8. Co-Curriculum Center Receipt Management Audit.

  9. Compilation of Royalty Payment Management Audit Composing Office.

*Subject to amendments and changes from time to time